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pure albums. >> reporter: the sound city studio in la was a musical mecca from 1969 until it closed in 2011. so to memorialize and celebrate the music created there, groll has recorded an all star tribute record with artists like stevie nix and paul mccartney. all to honor the studio where nirvana created their album never mind. a place stevie nix credits with giving birth to fleetwood mac. >> i spent a lot of time at sound city, so that really, had it not been for that, there wouldn't have been a fleetwood mac. >> reporter: where dozens of other stars recorded their songs. >> seeing those platinum records on the wall --
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>> tom petty. >> neil young. >> reporter: it was that con thaekz led these stars to appear in the documentary. >> stevie nicks, neil young, tom petty. these are people i don't hang out with every day. i would send them anmail and sahi, my name is dave. i'm making a movie. everybody wanted to be in the studio that rorter: despite it's grand history, even at its peak stars like rick springfield knew sound city was not a glamorous space. >> we thought there were cockroaches in the wall. it was pretty filthy, that was part of the charm. >> reporter: ultimately the technology that made the studio special became out of date. >> when you came to work, it was a tape based studio. you knew what you were getting. >> reporter: the analog sound city became a casualty of a digital age. >> like many things, there's no bookstore, there's no music store, and there's no sound city. >> reporter: groll salvaged the recording console to use in his own studio, ultimately he says
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the moving and the album are a celebration of musical and perfection. >> you don't have to sing exactly on key. it's the emotion of being a passionate player. and it's those imperfections that give you personality as an artist. ultimately having an appreciation for what it sounds like to be a human being, that's what sound city represents. >> reporter: nischelle turner, cnn, hollywood. >> thanks for watching, everyone. news room international with michael holmes starts now. ashleigh ban field thanks. welcome everybody to newsroom international i'm michael holmes. and we are as always taking you around the world in 60 minutes. here's what's going on out there in california a manhunt intensifying for an ex-cop whose allegedly gone on a rampage
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shooting three los angeles police officers early this morning, one of them is dead. authorities warn christopher dorner is armed and dangerous. there he is on the screen. he's also accused in a double killing in irvine over the weekend. this all follows a chilling online manifesto in which dorner allegedly threatens to harm officers and their families. they are remote controlled aircraft capable of reining down fire from the skies. the secret drone program front and center. lawmakers were given details on the use of drones to target american terror suspects overseas. and the major architect behind the program facing some tough questions on capitol hill. counter terrorism advisor john brennan and president obama's choice to be cia director. his confirmation hearing begins in two and a half hours from now. in tunisia today riot police
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filled the air with tear gas trying to keep furious crowds under control. have a look. these are the biggest and loudest protests in tunisia since the revolution there two years ago. the one that sparked the whole arab spring. a vocal critic of the government was shot dead outside his home yesterday. that infuriated people who say he was assassinated. it was political. they were already unhappy with tunisia's political situation since the arab spring the new islamist led government is keeping down individual freedoms. the people are not happy. tunisia's prime minister fired his cabinet and called for new elections hoping to calm tensions, then his deputy said the party wasn't unified on that. and it might not happen. we are watching developments. let's gets back to our top story. a shooter on the loose in los angeles. the suspect a former cop is
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identified as christopher dorner. he was fired from the police force five years ago. and he might now be seeking revenge. dorner accused of shooting three los angeles police officers early this morning. one of them fatally, plus he's the prime suspect in a double killing over the weekend. we are covering all angles of the story. paul vercammen joins us, law enforcement analyst mike brooks is with me in atlanta. and we will hear about the suspect's military background from barbara starr at the pentagon. paul, to you first. bring us up to speed on the hunts for this ex-cop, his former colleagues describing him as armed and extremely dangerous. >> reporter: that's right, michael. and in fact in his manifesto, he says i have a barrett 50, meaning a semiautomatic sniper rifle. behind me you can see officers are on high alert. not far from here in riverside,
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california early this morning, dorner is suspected of fatally killing one officer and critically injuring another one, as they were on patrol here in riverside. and then earlier in the morning, in corona, california, some lapd officers, who were assigned to security detail of an officer, who was mentioned in the manifesto and was off duty, these two officers were driving in corona, getting off a freeway, when they believe that dorner opened fire on them. one of those officers suffered from a grazing wound to the forehead. so in all, three separate shooting incidents involving people here. dorner apparently having an ex--military record. when you read the manifesto, it's at times bone chilling. he warned everybody that he said you are aware i have always been a top shot. the highest scorer and an expert in rifle qualifications in every
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unit that he had been in. and he said that he would utilize every bit of small arms training, demolition, ordinance and survival training. in the manifesto, he alludes to wanting to exact revenge after being fired on a number of different people. and he obviously threatened both of these officers and their families, and that's why his link to the killing -- those killings earlier this week of a police officer's daughter. he said he felt betrayed and slandered in that manifesto and said he would not stop until he received a public apology. we have seen here in riverside numerous unmarked cars come whizzing by. as we alluded, the officers behind me on high alert. they don't know at this time where dorner is. >> local affiliate reporting they are conducting checks on cars on the freeway.
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what do you know about that? >> reporter: well, i am not near the freeway right now. but that stands to reason, because they set up a perimeter, a gauntlet, there's another huge area that is cordoned off. they are eyeballing every single car. they know he drives a pickup truck. they are looking for that vehicle, it was also seen in these two shooting incidents earlier this morning. so no doubt they will check all vehicles. from what i understand, police are on high alert and nine southern california counties. >> extraordinary. thanks for that. mike, i will bring you in. authorities have a trained killer on their hands here. and that 50, you and i have seen those in operation in iraq and afghanistan. they have a long range and are accurate. >> a long way. >> can lapd protect their own? >> we heard that lapd officers assigned to protect some officers were wounded today. they have the metropolitan
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division of lapd, who are out there protecting some of their higher ranking officials, and their families. and mike, these are the best of the best of lapd. to include their swat team. these are highly trained. here you have a guy, look at the guy, very muscular. almost 275 pounds. he's also a military -- he was a reservist officer. i know barbara will talk about that. here's a guy with lapd from 2005 to 2008. was a good shot, was fired. and you know, the woman, one of the people killed in irvine, she's the daughter of the captain, who was retired from lapd who represented him on that disciplinary trial board. and he thinks he's one of the reasons -- that's why he targeted her as revenge. >> which led to his firing. that barrett 50, that's a three mile range or something like that. >> it's nasty and armor piercing. >> mike, thanks. let's bring in barbara starr.
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mike was alluding to christopher dorner's military background, naval. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: michael, we learned the naval criminal investigate if service now talking to local law enforcement in southern california giving them everything they have on this man, his military records, his background, trying to share whatever they might know about him. i am told he was honorably discharged from the u.s. navy reserve earlier this year. in fact, just a short time ago, after serving in several overseas jobs. basically as a security officer. he was a lieutenant. he had weapons training in the navy. but not a commando, not a navy s.e.a.l., this was basic security work. nonetheless, he had two awards critically. the rifle marksman ribbon, and the pistol expert medal. this meant he had some qualifications in shooting at some expert level at particular
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distances or ranges. i think, though, very clear we should also understand that he had expertise through his service as a police officer. many people, many police officers serve in the military reserve, and they have a lot of weapons expertise due to all of that. still, very concerning, obviously, because of his background. >> were you able to learn anything about did the military have any information on his mental health? >> reporter: well, this would be a matter of privacy concerns. but at the moment, they wouldn't publicly release that. at the moment, very preliminary, there is no indication of that, because he was honorably discharged, there is just nothing that tells us anything about his mental state at this moment. >> barbara, thanks. barbara starr at the pentagon. also thanks to mike brooks. next hour los angeles police will hold a conference updating
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us on the hunt for chris dorner. we will bring thaw live. we are talking 1:00 eastern, 10:00 a.m. pacific. let's turn to developments out of iran. developments involving the u.s. drone program. iran says it cracked the code on a drone, that it captured more than a year ago back in 2011, senior international correspondent nick robinson with us live from london. details on that. nick, iran releasing that footage, some of it on the ground. some of it aerial. it says it's from the spy plane. if this is true, it's obviously embarrassing. but what does it mean? >> reporter: well, we don't know if it is true. the pentagon is not commenting so far. what the iranians have are pictures, black and white images of the united states, various areas in the united states. and also what they claim is the u.s. base in afghanistan, you can see these drone like structures, that we have become familiar with, seeing them in
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afghanistan, where drones are parked. there are indications perhaps this is kandahar. but we don't know. this could just be material they found somewhere else. there is no way of knowing that this actually came from the aircraft, that it was material shot from the aircraft they claim to have. >> iran has had it for well over a year. is there any way of knowing if they were able to garner much in the way of worthy intelligence from the drone, for example they claim they were able to reverse engineer it. how concerned is the u.s. about that? >> reporter: they have to be concerned. this is high tech equipment. it's fallen into the hands of the iranians they say this matches stealth technology used on the new f 35 aircraft.
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it's a coup to get video from inside some enemy, in this case they would consider it air base, if that is the case. and again we don't know. that would be a queue. it's important to note here, what the iranians claim to have done is decode material inside of the aircraft. the strength and power of drones is their ability to broadcast that material live back over satellite to the remote operators. and there is no indication that the iranians have cracked those codes or that technology, although very worrying that they were able to intercept this aircraft and bring it down ostensibly without excessive damage. >> they claim they took it over electronically and landed it. we will leave it there. thanks so much, nick, in london. it's going to be a rough day for the man behind the expanded u.s. policy of using drones to target terror suspects. john brennan is president obama's pick for cia director. as the president's counter
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terrorism advisor brennan is the one who led the drone campaign. but at his confirmation hearing today we can expect senators to grill him over using drones to target american terror suspects overseas. he's also likely to face tough questions over leaks about a cyber attack on iran, and a mole in yemen, we are keeping an eye on that. president obama recognizes a soldier's uncommon valor in a few days, when he awards a medal of honor, we spoke to the man who led troops out of a trap in afghanistan, when he had no doubt, that he would die. his story, his bravery, when we come back. yy. why take exercise so seriously,when it can be fun? push-ups or sprints? what's wrong with fetch? or chase? let's do this larry! ooh, i got it, i got it! (narrator) the calorie-smart nutrition in beneful healthy weight... includes grains and real chicken,
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then you're going to love this. right now they're only $14.95! wow-a grt deal just got a whole lot better. hurry. $14.95 won't last. . well, in just a few days president obama will present america's highest military award to a former army staff sergeant. this is that soldier let's show him to you. clint romesha, he will receive the medal of honor at a white house ceremony on monday. we have a special program here on cnn that airs tonight at 10:00 eastern, take a look at this preview and listen to this man's incredible story. here's jake tapper with a clip from a crucial moment in the
9:19 am
battle. >> reporter: combat outpost keating was built in 2006. with so many troops and assets deployed to iraq, those in afghanistan had to make due. one part of the strategy was to build small outposts as the u.s. pushed into eastern afghanistan. the location was a trap, evident from the moment romesha's unit arrived in may 2009. what was your first reaction? >> first reaction was i think the same as everybody that stepped foot on that top, this is a pretty indefensible spot. >> i thought we were supposed to be on top of a mountain. this is crazy. i mean, that's how i felt, you know. shooting up. but i mean, you just -- i was there. i can't be like this is stupid. >> reporter: this is a part of
9:20 am
the world the mountain range where you are on a mountain or in a valley. in order to be near the population and near the road, combat outpost keating was put at the bottom of three steep mountains. soldiers had been fatally attacked there before. in 2007 private chris pfifer. in 2008 captain rob yeskas and near there a different commander, tom bostick. as lethal as its position was the outpost's terrain. the camp was named for lieutenant ben keating, killed when his truck rolled over the treacherous side of the road leading to the camp. >> i knew it was a bad spot. i knew that previous commanders had expired there. but to sit there and dig up every little detail on it, it just wasn't healthy for the guys to be exposed to that kind of
9:21 am
information. >> reporter: so your first day at keating, there was an attack. and a soldier with the platoon leaving got a massive head wound. other guys got sprinkled with shrapnel. >> it gave you that instant sense of we are not over here selling girl scout cookies, guys. we are in a real fight. >> reporter: romesha and his men knew it was not a question of if there would be a major attack, but when. >> jake tapper joining me now from new york. jake, those combat outposts, remind you of places --here was a documentary done on them
9:22 am
out there. they don't get more front line than that. what we learned to, this guy is a friend of yours, by the way. what does he tell you about life in the middle of nowhere? >> reporter: you are. keating is not far from restrapo. one of the differences is restrapo was halfway up a mountain side. whereas keating was in the bottom, was in the valley. clint romesha have i known since 2010, since i started writing a book about combat outpost keating. he's not one to complain. he's not one to talk about how tough things were. he's one to talk about this is the hand that they were dealt. and so they were going to do their job. they were going to protect themselves. and they were just going to follow orders. but the main thing for him, the overriding motivation was protecting his soldiers, protecting his men, and being there for them. >> it's a compelling story.
9:23 am
i urge everyone to catch it tonight. thanks, jake. your profile of clint, really extraordinary stuff. his remarkitable tale of courage during one of the deadliest fights of the afghan war. it's called an american hero, the uncommon valor of clint romesha, that's tonight at 10:00 eastern on cnn. don't miss it. it's extraordinary tale. all right. coming up, a 9-year-old girl gave birth at this hospital. the search for the suspected teen's father in mexico. that's coming up. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot
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. in western mexico today a disturbing story this one involving a young girl, very young. just 9 years old. cnn confirming that the little girl gave birth to a baby. today police are out looking for the teenager, who is believed to be the father, our senior latin american affairs editor rafael romo is here. first of all, this girl, what do we know about her condition now? a lot of people would say who knew that was even possible. >> that's right. i just got off the phone with
9:27 am
hospital authorities who did confirm that the girl is indeed 9 years old. the baby was born on the 27th, just last week. and the good news in this disturbing story is that both the girl and the baby are doing okay. they have been released from the hospital. they went home. she was accompanied by her mother when she left the hospital. and the baby was almost six pounds, doctors say that he was for all practical purposes a full term baby, about 20 inches. so pretty much in the normal range for a full term baby. >> she must have gotten pregnant when she was eight. >> she was eight years old when she got pregnant. authorities in the mexican state where this happened are looking for a 17-year-old, who might be the father of this baby. he has been missing for about a week since the story broke. she ended up at the hospital. but authorities want to find him
9:28 am
to make sure they do their investigation. >> he could be charged, one would think he could be charged with some sort of offense. tell me this, what kind of environment does she live in? we were talking earlier on cnn international. some disturbing numbers about this not being that uncommon. >> that's exactly right, michael. the very disturbing part of this story, in addition to the fact she's only nine years old. she's not unique in the mexican state where this happened, there are 465 cases of girls between the ages of 10 and 14, who became mothers in the year 2011, which is the latest year for which statistics are available. there are 318 cases nationwide of girls age 10, who became mothers in the same year, so that's causing and creating a lot of alarm.
9:29 am
again, this is a rare case in that it was published, and people know about it, now the entire country is talking about how alarming this is, that a nine-year-old girl can have a baby. it's incredible. >> it's extraordinary. it will be discussed at length in mexico. good to see you rafael, thank you. a dark day for australian sports. a massive doping scandal hit the headlines. we'll have a talk about that with don riddle, a sports mad nation is mourning their reputation. campbell's has 24 nes that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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. welcome back to newsroom international. i'm filling in for suzanne malveaux. we are taking you around the world in 60 minutes as we always do. right now in california police looking for an ex-cop who allegedly went on a rampage, still is, shooting three los angeles area police officers
9:33 am
this morning, one of them has died. authorities warn that christopher jordan dorner is armed and dangerous. he is 6'0" tall about 270 pounds. he may be driving a blue nissan tight pan pickup, license plate 7 x 03191. dorner is also accused in the double killing in irvine over the weekend. coming up in 30 minutes, los angeles police will hold a news conference updating us on the hunt for chris dorner. we will bring that to you live when it happens. in washington, more concerns about cyber security after the federal reserve says hackers accessed a limited amount of its data. that is what they ever saying. a spokesman says the incident did not affect critical operations, no word from the fed on which specific web site was compromised or what the hackers actually got their hands on. but reuters is reporting the fed
9:34 am
notified bankers earlier this week that email addresses, phone numbers and other contact information had been stolen and published. the group anonymous is claiming responsibility for the attack. all right. in australia, a shocking report today of widespread drug use across multiple sports. the drugs are said to be linked to organized crime and may have resulted in match fixing. according to the australian crime commission criminal networks were involved in the distribution of performance enhancing drugs. australia's home affairs minister outlined the findings. >> the findings are shocking, and disgrace australian sports fans. the research has found the use of prohibited substances including pep tides horm opens and illicit drugs, widespread among professional athletes.
9:35 am
the evidence to date indicates this is not the majority of athletes, but we are talking multiple athletes across a number of codes. we are talking about a number of teams. >> don riddle of cnn world sports joining us to talk about this. the thing that is most extraordinary about this -- first of all, we don't have that much detail. we don't have names, dates at the moment, because of the ongoing investigation. but what is being alleged is so broad. >> absolutely. we are talking about widespread use. and the justice minister said multiple athletes across a number of codes. let's put this into context. you are a pretty typical australian bloke. i will turn the table on you. would you agree australian's identity is defined through sports? >> largely is. it's a sports mad nation and proud of it. >> australia's biggest events are sporting events. >> absolutely. no doubt about it.
9:36 am
>> australians define their standing through sports. >> it ranks well on international sporting levels be can cricket, swimming, golf. that's a way of sort of getting over the cultural cringe and saying we are small and don't matter, what we do in the sports world at least. and then this happens. >> this is really -- i don't mean to gloat as a brit. >> you are english, so you will gloat. >> this is very embarrassing for australia. this is a big story for international sport. at the press conference they said this could happen anywhere. we have seen examples -- >> we were talking about it with football, the match fixing. lance armstrong. when you are looking at professional sports in general, what damage is being done. >> a huge amount of damage to the reputation of professional sport. with match fixing, we were saying if match fixing is a big deal in futbol, and it appears they have a problem, that's the
9:37 am
end of the game. >> because you can't trust it. >> why would you care? why would you go to the games if you think it's a fix? this really is becoming a very, very big deal. and as you say, no names, no sports, no teams mentioned yet, because this investigation is ongoing. the australian government is worried about it. they have given the anti-doping authorities extra measures so they can proceed with this investigation. >> and on the same level, you have lance armstrong, who we touched on there, who is an ongoing matter, the investigation into him legally as well. >> it sounds like he might now be prepared to cooperate with the u.s. anti-doping agency. >> he is running out of options. >> previously he thumbed his nose at them and said -- he accused them of a witchhunt. he would never cooperate with them. it sounds like he now will cooperate. travis tygart the ceo of usada said recently, i have spoken to him. we get the sense he wants to cooperate. we have given him another two weeks to get his facts straight and details organized.
9:38 am
then he has to come to us. hopefully he will spill the beans so cycling can get to the bottom of what went on. >> it's a mess. one of the things with the aussie situation, they also abhor a cheat. this is an allegation of across major sporting codes of cheating. >> something that stood out from the press conference, these athletes aren't just cheating. it's much worse. they are cheating with the help of criminals. >> once you get organized crime involved, then the whole match fixing thing becomes -- >> that's also the point when authorities really start to take it seriously. if you didn't think there was a criminal element, you could perhaps say, it's only sports. let them do their thing. once you have criminals involved, it's serious. that's serious for everybody. >> it goes outboarders. every time i am talking to you or one of the other guys from world sports it's about match fixing in futbol or something negative. it's a shame.
9:39 am
once the trust goes, what's the point in sports? >> i'd rather be here talking about sports. let's do that tomorrow. >> let's do that. don, good to see you, thanks for not gloating too much, as somebody pointed out our cricket team can't be doping because they are not very good. >> you said it. >> my boss said it. he's english, too. don riddell, good to see you. a blizzard that could end up in the record books, it's a massive snowstorm barrelling toward the east coast. chad myers will pop out and have a word. this is america.
9:40 am
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. welcome back everyone. in the solomon islands five people died after a tsunami rolled ashore. it was a three foot wave that had been triggered by a powerful earthquake that hit off the coast. this is in the south pacific. you can see there. among the dead, four elderly
9:43 am
people and one child. the tsunami also damaging villages and flooding an airport runway. here in the united states, a massive snowstorm about to hit millions of people in the northeast. some areas could get two and a half feet of snow. and yes, 60 mile per hour wind gusts to go along with it. chad myers in the cnn weather center. they are saying this could break records, chad. what will go on? >> we have a storm in the great lakes region. and we have rain in the southeast. those two systems are going to try to combine into one just off the coast of new england. there's the snow. there's the rain. they will try to come together up the east coast. the rain continues all the way along the coast all the way to richmond, when it gets to the colder air, that's the problem. cold, warm, coming together in one spot. let me show you how this happens. with blizzard watches across boston, hartford, providence, we are going to have winter storm
9:44 am
advisories all across this area. the mayor of boston, i just watched a press conference from him, said be off the road by noon and our schools are closed tomorrow. city schools in boston, because of this. here's the first storm, it's coming across making snow even for toronto into ottawa, montreal, but the second storm comes up into this cold air and makes a big snow event. if they combine perfectly like this model says, boston will have approaching three feet of snow. you may never even see three feet of snow, because you will have a seven foot drift, then you will be able to see the grass next to it. because the winds are going to blow at 50 miles per hour. have i heard a lot of people say wait, a couple days ago you said one to 20 inches? what are you talking about? pick a number. let me show you why we are talking about this. we were talking about this 48 hours before the storm started. here's new york city proper, there's manhattan. here's northern new jersey. down here two to three inches of snow. you get north of new york city by 30 miles, that's 20.
9:45 am
so that's two. that's 20. in about a 45 mile range. if this storm turns left or right by 45 miles, you are talking two to 20. we still don't know yet. even by tomorrow, when it starts, we still may be somewhere between six and ten, maybe a little more. the models are so left and right with this, because this is such a big event. i think some models can't believe it's going to be such a big event. that's why we are seeing some of the numbers. but 30 inches is a big event for boston. >> that's insane when we talk about areas that got whacked by sandy in october. keep an eye out, let us know what's going on, chad. we appreciate it. reporting live from inside of the asia wakening isn't for the faint of heart at times. our reporter on the ground in tunisia dan rivers will show you what it was like today to be smack dab in the middle of a riot. and the authorities don't like you very much. ♪
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now back to one of the hour's top stories, that's the growing protest in tunisia. cnn crew is there in the capital, had cameras rolling when police started launching tear gas. >> reporter: they are kicking a tear gas can around. >> that is cnn's dan rivers, a face full of tear gas, i can tell you from experience that's
9:49 am
not pleasant. he is running for cover along with protesters. and he's shooting that on his iphone. why? authorities took cnn's cameras. dan was telling me earlier on cnn international, that the authorities are not looking kindly on the media, as they try to cover these crowds, these angry crowds that are packing public spaces, shouting their frustration at the government for what they say was an assassination of an opposition leader. authorities are treating the media as if they are the protesters, and took our camera gear, hence dan turning to the phone camera. remember the arab spring two years ago, that began with protests in tunisia. it all began there. since then the new islamist led government has been accused of keeping down individual freedoms, tunisia's prime minister fired his cabinet over this and called for new elections, but his vice prime minister, his deputy said the party hadn't agreed and it might
9:50 am
not have happened. so there's political as well as street turmoil in tunis. let's go to the middle east where palestinian women are getting their husbands' sperm smuggled out of prisons. the proof is in the babies. the wives of several high security prisoners are turning up pregnant. sara sidner is in the west bank with details. >> reporter: she says the boy sitting on her lap is her husband's son. when they arrested my husband, i was 18 years old, she says. for 16 years, she has hoped for her husband's release from prison. it hasn't happened. he is serving 27 life sentences for helping plan a deadly bombing in a jerusalem market. palestinian prisoners jailed for terrorist attacks are not allowed con jugal visits.
9:51 am
but she managed to get pregnant by having his sperm smuggled out of prison. why does the wife of a prisoner have to suffer and stay like this without children and a family? it's our right to meet our husbands and our right to have children she says. she's one of five palestinian women making the same claim. she is one month pregnant. her husband is also serving multiple life sentences. she and the others will tell you all about their babies or pregnancies. but not a word about how exactly their husband's semen was smuggled out. i'm not going to tell so i won't worry it for any other people she whispers in response to our question. this medical clinic is
9:52 am
performing the artificial inseminations. how is it coming to you? >> many things. maybe in cups. in ointment containers. >> reporter: the head of the fertility center says he can't verify the sperm is actually from their husbands in prison. instead he requires close relatives from both the wife and husband's side of the family to sign papers saying it is. he also encourages the women to let their community know, too. so they do not face ridicule for being suspected of cheating on their imprisoned husbands. >> we are an eastern society. the husbands have long prison sentences, they have no choice but to wait for their husband to get free. reproductive life is very
9:53 am
limited. >> reporter: the torment they face is they can never have children if their husbands never leave children. if their husbands do get out of prison and can no longer get pregnant the husbands may leave for another woman who can. >> those who pay a heavy price are the women. if i can do anything to help these women, i will do it. >> reporter: he and his staff are giving prisoner's wives the fertility treatment for free. we spoke to israeli prison officials, a spokesperson for the prison authority say they doubt the technical ability for sperm donation, because of the strict controls inside of the prison. but he added it's hard to fathom, but who knows? we spoke with two fertility specialists in the united states, who told us, it is actually possible for sperm to survive up to 48 hours in clean, unconventional containers, if kept at room temperature. the women say what is most important, they and their
9:54 am
families know the truth. they still hope one day sperm smuggling from prison wouldn't be necessary. sara sidner, cnn in the west bank. >> do stay with us here on newsroom international. coming up in a few minutes, los angeles police, we have been telling you about this, they will hold a news conference to update us on the hunt for chris dorner. we will bring that live, when it happens. a lot more to come on the other side of the break. ll say get smart about your weight. i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and they have six grams of sugars. with fifteen grams of protein to help manage hunger... look who's getting smart about her weight. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. [ dog ] we found it together.upbeat ] on a walk, walk, walk. love to walk.
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9:57 am
. welcome back. in washington, song and prayer this morning. that's andrea bocelli at the national prayer breakfast. president obama calling for humility from those in power. >> let us pray to god that we may be worthy of the many blessings he has bestowed upon our nation. let us retain that humility, not just during this hour, but for every hour. and let me suggest that those of us with the most power and influence need to be the most humble. >> now, this was mr. obama's fifth appearance at that annual breakfast. a disturbing development in japan saying it scrambled
9:58 am
military fighter jets after two russian jets approached a disputed island chain, the air space has been under dispute since the end of world war ii. japan says they quickly left the air space, there was no incident. japan filing a formal compliant with russia. russia says it's jets never entered the area. with tensions flaring with their neighbors to the north, south korea's marines are getting down to business. we will show you what they're training regimen looks like. hey, our salads.
9:59 am
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10:01 am
. welcome back. we will take you to the resort town of pyongyang in south korea. there are hundreds of marines training shirtless in the snow. they did push up some ice diving. also you see there weapons train being. all of it in extreme cold temperatures. it's actually minus two degrees in south korea. the exercises are going to continue through mid-february. that will do it for me. but newsroom continues with mr. don lemon. 30 inches in 24 hours, that's how much snow could fall on parts of the northeast. and a suspected cop killer is on the run. this man accused of shooting three police officers this morning killing one of them.
10:02 am
we are standing by for a news conference by lapd. we will bring that live just as soon as it happens. then he was locked up in a basement for months and treated like a prisoner in his very own home. how a 17-year-old was saved by a neighbor. this is cnn newsroom i'm don lemon. we are covering all of the angles for you, of an expert marksman on a rampage in a los angeles area right now. the suspect is a former cop and a navy reservist. he's identified as 33-year-old christopher jordan dorner. he was fired from the police force five years ago. and now he may be seeking revenge. dorner is accused of shooting three los angeles police officers early this morning, one of them fatally. plus he's the prime suspect in a double killing over the weekend. cnn's paul vercammen is covering the manhunt. and law enforcement analyst mike brooks is here in los angeles with me. paul, start with you. bring us up to speed of this hunt for this ex-cop described
10:03 am
as armed and extremely dangerous. >> reporter: extremely dangerous, don. this is a desperate search right now. and as of right now i'm in riverside. you can see the police officers behind me. they blocked off part of this intersection. no sign of dorner. when you talked about armed and dangerous, what they are worried about is he alluded to having a barrett 50 cal meaning a semiautomatic sniper rifle. beyond these police officers, if you look down the street, don, this is where dorner allegedly ambushed, shot and killed one officer and wounded another. that officer is said to be in stable condition right now. tensions are running so high here, that just a few moments ago, when a man driving a vehicle, that looked very much like dorner's a nissan pickup truck, officers came at him with their guns somewhat drawn, began to speak with him, quickly
10:04 am
determined it was not dorner. as i suggested, the tensions are running extremely high. and as of 1:30 this morning, no one has seen any sign of the suspect dorner. >> let's talk about that again about police being on edge. because we have gotten reports, i know you are seeing it out there, what can you tell us, is that the only incident like that? i know that nerves are jittery out there right now. >> reporter: nerves are absolutely frayed, don. we learned at cnn, the lapd was guarding another officer's home in tor ance, california, this was an officer listed in the manifesto, which sort of reads like a hit list. a blue pickup truck resembling dorner's pulled up. the officers believed it was the suspects. and that it presented a threat. and the officers opened fire. it turned out to be a newspaper delivery truck with two people inside. one of the occupants of that
10:05 am
truck suffered a wound to the hand. and then later a second vehicle was apparently fired upon in torra torrance, no injuries there. this all out manhunt is spanning nine counties and is in full effect. >> this chilling letter, we had kprerpts earlier. and now we have the full letter here. i want to read, this is how it starts. and it tells about why he is doing this. and i think the first paragraph explains why he is allegedly gone on this rampage. he says, i know most of you, who personally know me, are in disbelief to hear from media reports that i'm suspected of committing murders and taking drastic actions in the last couple days. you are saying to yourself, this is completely out of character of the man you knew, who always wore a smile wherever he was seen. i know i will be vilified by the lapd and media.
10:06 am
unfortunately, this is a necessary evil that i do not enjoy, but must partake and complete for substantial change to occur within the lapd and reclaim my name. the department has not changed since the rampart and rodney king days. this has gotten worse. the dissent decree should never have been lifted. the only thing that evolved from the dissent decree is those officers in the rampart -- the question is what would you do to clear your name? is he doing this, do you believe, to clear his name, by killing other people, to clear his name for some perceived wrongdoing by the police department? >> reporter: he suggested in that manifesto, don, that he wants the lapd to make a public apology for firing him. and i should also note, as you
10:07 am
look behind me, one of the reasons they cordoned off so many areas, in the manifesto he alludes to coming back and possibly opening fire on more officers, don't forget, he almost killed another officer separate from this shooting incident in riverside, it was an lapd officer in the nearby town of corona, who was getting off an offramp, he was grazed and shot in the forehead. so yes, they definitely think he wants some sort of apology, and of course he suggested throughout the manifesto, that he is seeking revenge on these officers, and will go as far as to harm members of their families, don. >> paul vercammen standing by in riverside, california. palm, as soon as that press conference starts, we will bring it to you live. we are awaiting that press conference. i will bring in mike brooks. we know that he is a former navy reservist lieutenant. he was recent leonerably discharged. during his service he received two awards, a pistol expert
10:08 am
medal. clearly he's a trained killer. so can the lapd protect its own in this? if you look at this, let's read this, he said the violence will be high. i'm the reason tac. >> that's a tac alert. >> i will bring warfare to those in the lapd uniform whether on or off duty. can they protect their own? >> it will be tough. what else scares me, down at the end of the paragraph, "i also own barrett 50s, so your apc are defunct and futile', a barrett 50 caliber rife sell one of the most powerful weapons you can get. and he talked about apc as an arm pord personnel carriers being defunct and futile. it sounds like anyone with an lapd uniform right now is at risk. but you have the metropolitan division of lapd, don, that are trying to protect some of the people mentioned in this
10:09 am
manifesto and their families, because over the weekend, there was a woman who was killed, whose father at the time was an lapd captain, who represented him during his disciplinary board where he felt he was wrongly terminated. so he said that that was one of the reasons -- that is one of the reasons he shot her was because of retaliation. >> let's get to the press conference, mike. >> are you good? all right. good morning. and i say good morning, following a night of extreme tragedy in the los angeles area. as you all know, the lapd is working in coordination with law enforcement agencies throughout southern california in apprehending christopher jordan dorner. christopher dorner is wanted for a series of crimes, including assaults on officers and three homicides in california in the
10:10 am
past week. the los angeles police department and our allied law enforcement agencies are implementing all measures possible to ensure the safety of our lapd personnel, their families and the los angeles community. we will continue to do so until dorner is apprehended and all threats have been abated. dorner is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous. christopher jordan dorner is described as a male african-american. 6'0" tall. he is 33 years of age. he has black hair and brown eyes. dorner's photos are displayed here. dorner's vehicle is described as a late model nissan titan pickup. it's a four door, dark gray in color. the vehicle is equipped with a roof rack and a cover over the truck bed. the truck has black rims and a department of defense sticker on
10:11 am
the driver's side of the front windshield. we are unsure of the license plate, as we believe he switched plates. there is a possible plate of 8 d as in david. 83997. photos of the vehicle are also on display. we ask that anyone who sees him or this vehicle should not approach or attempt to contact him. but immediately, immediately call 911 and notify law enforcement authorities. the lapd will remain in constant communication with agencies until dorner is apprehended. it is believed dorner was involved in the following incidents. on sunday, february 3rd, 2012, in irvine, california, a double homicide. during this incident, we believe dorner shot and killed monica kwan and keith lawrence while
10:12 am
they sat in a vehicle in a parking structure. wednesday, february 6, about 8:30 p.m. in san diego, an attempted robbery, dorner attempted to stealing a boat in san diego. he was not successful and fled the location. this morning at 1:25 in chino, california, lapd officers assigned to a protection detail received a tip from a citizen, that dorner may be in the area. they observed dorner, and dorner fired upon the officers. officers returned fire. and one officer received a nonlife threatening wound to his head. a graze wound literally inches from killing him. dorner fled and due to damage to the police vehicle, because of his gun shots, the officers were unable to pursue him. today at 1:45 in riverside, california, the murder and attempted murder of riverside
10:13 am
police department officers. dorner ambushed two riverside police officers resulting in the death of one and the severe injury of the other. i am confirming that dorner was previously employed as a los angeles police officer between february of 2005 and september of 2008. his employment was terminated. based on dorner's threat, the lapd initiated more than 40 protection details throughout the region. these protection details were based on information contained in his manifesto, much of which has been posted online. during the course of the search for dorner, an officer involved shooting occurred in the city of torrance, during that incident which occurred at 5:15 this morning, officials received information that a vehicle matching the description of the suspect's vehicle had been seen in the area of one of our primary protection details. one of the people that was under
10:14 am
the most serious level of threat. the lapd officers assigned observed a vehicle matching the suspect's vehicle driving down the street with the lights turned out. officers approached the vehicle. and an officer involved shooting occurred. the individuals in that vehicle were hit by gun fire. both were transported to a local hospital. one has a minor gunshot wound and is in the process of being released. the second person is in stable condition with two gunshot wounds. tragically, we believe that this was a case of mistaken identity by the officers. the hearts of the los angeles police department and my own go out to the families that lost loved ones due to dorner's criminal actions. anyone who sees dorner should contact 911. anyone who has information or tips regarding these crimes is asked to call the robbery homicide tip line, number is 213-486-6860.
10:15 am
or the lapd 24 hour tip line at 877-lapd-247. anyone wishing to remain anonymous should call crime stoppers at 1-800-222-tips. tipsters may contact crime stoppers by texting phone number 274637. that's crimes on most key pads. all text messages begin with the letters lapd. you may go to lapd online and report information. and we will act on that information. the city mourns the deaths of monica kwan, keith lawrence and our brave riverside police ofr. for
10:16 am
the injuries suffered by my officer, the second riverside officer and the two uninvolved citizens in torrance. with that i will answer a few questions. i will not answer specific questions about the irvine homicide investigation. the primary agency on that investigation is irvine police department. but i will answer general questions. >> there's a barricade situation at a hotel at a base by san diego police department. helicopters are over it. do you have any information this is indeed dorner holed up in the hotel? >> i have nothing i can release at this time. >> chief, the confusion on the color of the vehicle, are you sure -- for a while it was blue, now it's gray. >> for those familiar with the nissan's they have a series of dark colors that are similar especially at night. they have a bluish gray, so they
10:17 am
are easily confused. but we believe that the manufacturer would list the color gray. >> [ inaudible ] said this guy knew what he was doing, is that especially frightening to you? >> of course he knows what he's doing. we trained him. he was a member of the armed forces. it is extremely worrisome and scary, especially to the police officers involved. the riverside officers were cowardly ambushed. they had no opportunity to fight back. no prewarning. imagine going about your workday, having to worry about that threat. >> chief, dorner is actually fleeing the lapd for [ inaudible ]. >> you are talking about a homicide suspect, who has committed atrocious crimes. and if you want to give any
10:18 am
attribution to his ramblings on the internet, go right ahead. but i do not. >> what kind of artillery do you believe that he has? >> he has multiple weapons at his disposal including assault rifles. >> allegation that he is -- [ inaudible ]. >> we look at everything. that case was thoroughly adjudicated. it was reviewed at multiple levels. it went to the ultimate form of review in the lapd, a board of rights, where two command officers and a civilian representative hear the entirety of the case, as represented by an attorney and make a judgment. i think that in the analysis, you will find dorner's statements to be self serving. and the statements of somebody
10:19 am
that is unhappy with his lot in life. >> have you ever had this -- >> [ inaudible ]. >> i don't know of any -- no threats came to my level prior to that, we became aware of the manifesto this week. >> do you have the manpower, we are talking obviously the detail you guys are doing, protective detail, you have officers outside, does lapd have the manpower to adequately protect all of your officers and families from this threat? >> it's extremely manpower intensive. but the safety of my employees, people that come on the job to protect the lives of strangers is of utmost importance to me, i will expend whatever resources necessary. >> obviously he is monitoring, if you could direct a message to him at this time, what would you say? >> i would tell him to turn himself in.
10:20 am
this has gone far enough. nobody else needs to die. >> the riverside chief said this is a direct attack. would you qualify this as a direct attack? >> if you read the manifesto, lapd is a specific target, but all law enforcement is targeted. this is a vendetta against all of southern california law enforcement. and it should be seen as such. >> chief, he said the killings will continue until he clears his name. is that going to happen? >> it is not going to happen. and thank you very much. >> lapd police chief at a press conference there clearly saying he is not going to come out to clear the name of this officer, who is accused of all of these killings. and he is saying this -- the manner that this officer is talking about, he believes has
10:21 am
been thoroughly adjudicated, and he says it clearly speaks of someone he believes is unhappy with his lot in life. the disturbing thing about this, he says, the chief says this man has multiple weapons at his disposal, including assault rifles. some of the things he is upset about, he says, which is chief beck, he says chief beck, and he names other people in this, i will not read their name when he talks about this incident, which he believes that he should have been cleared of but was not with the la police department. he says this is when you need to have come to -- have a come to jesus talk with sergeant. he goes on to name the sergeant he is upset with, and everybody else involved in this conspiracy to have me terminated for doing the right thing. he mentions chief beck in that. then he goes on to mention chief beck again in the last part of it. and he talks about -- he mentions chief beck and a number of people in the last page of his manifesto here. and so he's clearly upset with
10:22 am
the chief of police right now. i want to bring in cnn's paul vercammen who is listening to this. paul, if you are -- no paul? paul is not there. anyway, paul is in riverside, california. he's following this story. there was an incident. someone asked a question about there was a standoff at a motel out in california, the chief would not comment on that as well. he would not say whether or not it was connected to christopher jordan dorner, who is a suspect in this case, there's a manhunt in the california area. there is the picture on your screen, african-american, 6'0", 270 pounds. he is a muchkular gentleman, he has military training, gray 2005 nissan titan pickup. police say if you see him do not go near him. call 911. he's extremely dangerous and he is armed. you can dial 911, 1-800-222-tips. more on this story and others after the break. it's lots of things. all waking up.
10:23 am
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[ male announcer ] engine light on? come to meineke now for a free code scan read and you'll money. my choice. my meineke. the fraternity has suspended its chapter at duke university after the frat held a party that asian students call racist. it was call kappa sigma asia prime. it used phrases that made fun of
10:26 am
asian accents. there were pictures of the party online. they showed students dressed up in asian clothing. we wrapped out to the chapter. they had no comment. but the plarnt organization released a statement saying the kappa sigma fraternity finds the actions associated with this event are inappropriate and insensitive and kappa sigma does not condone such activity. this matter will be investigated. the republican party is sending senator marco rubio to respond to the president's state of the union address next week. >> thank you. thank you. >> the first termer from florida was very visible during last year's presidential race working hard for romney despite the party just capping 27% of the latino vote. the gop wants to change that. we are told rubio will speak in both english and spanish, so let's get some conversation going about this. about senator marco rubio and a decision to put him upright after the state of the union.
10:27 am
anna navarro is a republican strategist, edward owe rodriguez is on the other side. a democratic strategist. anna, i will go to you first. is rubio the right choice to follow the president? >> i think so. you know, as you know, i'm a fan of marco, i have known him for years, i have heard him give speeches, he is an eloquent, exceptional speaker. he's able to express optimism. he draws from his humble roots. he draws from his parents' immigrants experience. he's a compelling speaker. he also represents what we need in the republican party. he's a young guy. he's a hispanic, he's able to be bilingual. i think it's a terrific choice. it's a tough gig. but a terrific choice. >> edward, here's the thing, rubio's mission is to get latino voters. what will the gop have for them,
10:28 am
that they can -- in order to get them into the tent, what will be different in 2016? >> well, first off, it's estuardo. no problem. i get it every day. halfway through last year and even before that the gop realized they weren't going to make the gains they needed with the latino community. ever since then it's been a marathon to 2016. i don't think many within the latino leadership circles or those that watch the politics of both parties were surprised by the move to invite senator marco rubio to make the address. i think it's a logical step. and i do have to say, though, ultimately, it's actions and not words. you can lose the latino support in a day. you can't get it back in a speech. that's the challenge that senator rubio has. >> what do you mean by that? >> well, because, it's through that campaign, that we saw one
10:29 am
misstep after another, one speech given by governor romney, or republican spokesperson during that campaign, that may have said something that was insulting or inflammatory, in terms of the latino community around immigration reform. keep in mind, this is the same party, that at one time spoke publicly about english only, still has within it those that advocate english only. and yet, you have senator marco rubio prepared to give the speech in spanish. so it's a turn around, again a marathon in 2016 for them. >> anna, you have said rubio is the gop's golden boy. it must go beyond just hispanic heritage. going back to what he said. you must do more than that, just be hispanic, to deliver the latino vote, anna. >> listen, the hispanic thing here is not the reason he's being chosen. the reason marco is being
10:30 am
chosen, is because he has the ability to respond very effective leave. because he's an eloquent speaker, because he can do this. the fact he's hispan and i can can do it in spanish is icing on the cake, don. but he's not a token hispanic being chosen for that. he's being chosen for his merits. i think he's being chosen, frankly, for the leadership role he's taking on immigration. we have seen him take on his shoulders in the last few weeks selling these bipartisan principles to the conservative base as well as explaining them to the hispanic community. he's out there doing actions. that's what the point is. he's out there taking risks out on a limb on immigration. he's certainly out of what would be considered the political safe zone, what we are talking about is a republican primary at some point. i think he has to be commended for that. and i think the hispanic thing is important. this is the first time that a hispanic elected official is giving the response in english and in spanish. and it's a moment of pride for
10:31 am
our community. whether -- it was a moment of pride for me, when castro gave the keynote address at the democratic convention. i would say to my democrat hispanic counterparts, put your issues with marco and your mark poe hating aside, and be proud. because it's a hispanic step for all of us. >> i have to clarify -- >> quickly. >> it's not marco hating. i think as a republican party has often said about president obama, he's eloquent. well, i respond the same way about senator rubio, he's very eloquent. but the responsibility on real legislation, you are going to get more mileage out of what cantor said this week about the dream act than you will get out of rubio's state of the union response. what is the republican party going to do on immigration reform? what will they do on jobs, on the fiscal cliff and the cuts that will happen or are being debated. and violence against women. those are the things that will affect everyone but also the hispanic community. that's what we are watching.
10:32 am
>> thanks to both of you. i appreciate you joining us. president obama will address the nation in his state of the union address on tuesday. watch it right here on cnn. 30 inches in just 24 hours, that's how much snow could fall on parts of the northeast. when you have diabetes... your doctor will say get smart about your weight. i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly
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. oh boy here we go.
10:35 am
massive snowfall powerful wind gusts a major blizzard is going to hit the northeast. almost 35 years to the day since the storm brought new england to its knees. the storm of 1978 dumped more than 27 inches of snow on the region stranding people in their cars. its hurricane force winds damaged or destroyed10,000 homes. chad myers is here. chad, could we see a repeat of 1978 tomorrow? that's a lot of snow. >> no question about it. there's certainly enough water in the air to cause that to happen. there's enough liquid that will fall out of the sky to make that happen. will you change over at least for a little while to some rain and not all snow is dependent on where you live. if you live new hampshire, vermont, massachusetts, most of connecticut you will get all snow. if you are on long island it will change to rain for a while. your snow will not pile up. new england and also into new jersey, a little bit of a different story.
10:36 am
the cold air is here, new jersey you will be warm enough and even d.c. you will only get a rain event. here's what is going on, there is a storm in the south and one coming across from right now it's in milwaukee. it will travel across toronto. this one will travel up from the southeast. they will try to combine here. if that combination works out improperly, which would be to our detriment, 30 inches of snow, just about everywhere. now, if it doesn't work out perfectly, we are still talking 15 in this area right through here, a little less for new york city. because new york city will for a while switch to rainfall. if it's only a couple hours, if it's not raining in new york city tomorrow night at midnight, you are in trouble. or wherever you are. not the city, white plains, i think you get 20 easy. down south, you might get two. so that's why it is so difficult. the numbers are wide ranging depending where you live. it's warm on one side, cold on the other. if you are in the middle you might get ten.
10:37 am
if you are north, you get 20. south you get two. there will be tremendous erosion along the coast here all the way into long island sound and even possibly as far south as new jersey. we will have storm surge here, waves, remember we talked about surge with sandy, three to five feet, and waves three to five feet on top of those surges. so you're going to get coastal erosion. some of the numbers we are talking about, the numbers, they are almost sublime at times, boston will make a run at 30 inches of snow, 31.8. this is the very latest model, that just ran just now. new york city officially 15.3. but let me show you how it changes. eastern long island maybe two to three. back here to the north and west, that's 20. that's only about 30 miles away. this goes left to right at all, you are going to be in it or out of it depending when it gets here. we will know as the computer models tell us tonight. >> we will be watching. and brace yourself.
10:38 am
thank you. we are continuing to follow breaking news. the suspect is on the run. he's a former cop and navy reservist identified as 33-year-old christopher jordan dorner, he was fired from the police force five years ago. and now may be seeking revenge. dorner is accused of shooting three los angeles police officers early this morning. one fatly. he's also the prime suspect in a double killing over the weekend. he had this to say in a public manifesto posted on line. quote, "this is my last resort, the lapd suppressed the truth and it has led to deadly consequences. the lapd's actions have cost me my career." 
10:39 am
10:40 am
10:41 am
l . our top story right here on cnn, right now in california police are looking for an ex-cop allegedly gone on a rampage shooting three los angeles area police officers this morning. one has died. he's the prime suspect in a double killing over the weekend. authorities warn that christopher jordan dorner is armed and dangerous. he's had weapons training in the navy. and he was honorably discharged. we heard from the lapd just a short time ago, they said they are worried about the threat, but they will use every means at their disposal to bring this man to justice. the lapd says dorner is 6'0" about 270 pounds and may be driving a blue nissan titan pickup truck. police say dorner was fired from the force five years ago and now
10:42 am
may be seeking revenge and according to a lengthy manifesto that's online, it apparently is at least revenge or he says he is trying to clear his name. trying to clear his name. so let's listen to what the lapd said moments ago. >> of course he knows what he's doing. we trained him. he was also a member of the armed forces. it is extremely worrisome and scary, especially to the police officers involved. the riverside officers were cowardly ambushed. they had no opportunity to fight back, no prewarning. you know, imagine, imagine going about your workday, having to worry about that threat. >> i want to bring in writer, she has been going through this letter. i got it just before air. you had a chance to go through it a little more than we have. let's go through the first one
10:43 am
where he talks about -- he says i'm not an aspiring rapper, i'm not a gang member. i'm not a dope dealer. i don't have multiple babies mamas. i'm an american, a son, a brother, i'm a man who lost complete faith in the system, when the system betrayed, slandered and libelled me. i lived a good life and though not a religious man, i always stuck to my own personal coved of ethics, ethos, and always stuck to my shore line and true north. he addresses this letter to america, and the subject is last resort. what do you make of this letter. >> it seems he is trying to send a message of why he's going about doing this, sorts of laying out the problems that he sees. allegations that he has against the los angeles police. that there is corruption. he's angry he was fired. he's not a regular type of guy
10:44 am
whose going to go out and murder people. that he feels, in this letter he has been brought to this point. he's following his moral compass. he's doing what he believes is right here. this is the only way he thinks he can get people to understand what's going on. >> the interesting thing to me is, if you read this letter, he is an intelligent man. it's very cohesive. and again, he appears to be a smart man. he may not be going about this the right way, he feels -- when i read the next quote, that he's exhausted all means. but what he's doing he's doing it the wrong way. he said i exhausted all available means at obtaining my name back. i have attempted all legal court efforts within appeals at the superior courts and california appellate courts. this is my last resort. the lapd has suppressed the truth and it has now led to deadly consequences. the lapd's actions have cost me my career that began 2-7-05 and
10:45 am
ended 1-2-09. they cost me my naval car ear. the police chief said this was adjudicated all the way to the top. and this man appears to be someone who is not happy with his lots in life now. >> yeah. i think one of the things he was saying in this manifesto, he had lost everything. everything that meant anything to him. from his personal life to his professional career. he felt this was the only thing he could do at this point. obviously not going about it the right way. the police have said that. he feels he has no choice. as he said, this letter was titled "last resort" felt he feels this is the only thing he can do. >> if there is any lesson in this, you just can't -- be careful who you mess with. right? you never know. people are -- people can do the darnedest things. he says he is going to use every resort available because he was
10:46 am
a member of the la police department. >> he has threatened a couple of them specifically in this manifesto. >> there's the information about christopher dorner. if you are in the area and you see him, police say do not approach him. thank you very much, mallory. we appreciate it. more breaking news into cnn. this is from the white house. on saturday we are told the first lady will travel to chicago to attend the funeral service of hadia pendleton, a 15-year-old honor student after performing at the president's inauguration.
10:47 am
10:48 am
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. >> dangerous lie high blood pressure can cause serious prnaas wasene in a deathur recent episode of the popular tv series. >> what is happening? >> she kant hear me. sibyl, it's mary, can you hear me? >> it looks at if -- >> as dramatic as that is, a real medical study is linking air pollution to a medical condition known as preclamps i can't, our senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen is here to fwauk it. for those who don't know what is
10:50 am
prea clamps ia. >> women get high blood pressure, protein in her urine, and if it is not treated, that is what is going to happen, she will go into seizures, which would likely kill her. it doesn't happen that often in this country, they catch it. the only treatment is to deliver the baby. it's the leading cause of prematurity. >> the link between pollution and preacylampsia. luat es of this may be linked to ozone pollution. >> there has to be a reason. >> it is this big mystery. they don't know what causes it. i had it twice. doctors explained, this is like, we don't know. it's a big mystery. the doctors we talked to said they don't think it's air pollution, in no way shape or form does air pollution cause it. but it is an intriguing finding, that perhaps there may be something going on here. but the doctors we talked to
10:51 am
said it's interesting but it doesn't explain why preaclampsia happens. >> visit patient for five things you need to know about preaclampsia. now baby boomers are turning to performance enhancing drugs why doctors are pushing these dugs as a version of the fountain of youth. dugs as a versionfouninf yo gdugas a fotain of h. sdugs as a version fountain of youth. drugs as a version of the fountain of youth. drugsas a version of the fountain of youth. drugss a version of the fountain of youth. 
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10:54 am
>> we have been reporting to you about the cop killer on the run in california. a college classmate of christopher jordan doerner.
10:55 am
a klaasimate at southern utah university. he is calling from salem, oregon and as i understand, he called you four years ago about an employment issue? >> he didn't call me specifically about employment issues. he wanted to catch up. we hadn't spoken in a number of years. he called out of the blue. we talked for 10 or 15 minutes about what we were up to in our respective lives and during that conversation he did mention he was having some issues with his employment as an officer with the lapd. >> did he mention the issue specifically? >> he didn't give details. he may have given me details, but i don't reccollect them. the conversation w 15 minutes and it was several years ago. i don't recall the details. he seemed to be bothered or
10:56 am
upset a bit, but certainly nothing that he said struck me as being a concern other than for his employment. nothing abnormal about what he said. >> is there anything that stuck out in the conversation when you spoke to him? >> nothing at all. >> what are did you talk about other than his employment or employment issues with the l.a. police department? >> i shared with him that i had gotten married and was practicing law in oregon and talking about experience in the navy and in general shared what we had been up to over a few years since we had spoken in college. >> tell us about his character. what kind of a person was he or >> my experience with him was nothing but positive. we enjoyed each other's company
10:57 am
for three or four years during college and as with any friendship, we didn't see eye to eye on everything, but certainly he was perfectly rational and he was articulate and smart and insightful and somebody who -- i have respect for him. he was a concern with conviction and not convictions like you are thinking, but personal convictions and a code of ethics he lived by and i thought he was an upstanding person. never anything i experienced in a million years would lead me to conclude that this ho hendous activity was imminent. >> i want to read a quote from you. he said most of youkn who personally know me are in disbelief to hear that i am
10:58 am
accused of committing such horrific murders. you are saying this is completely out of character from a man you knew whoever wore a smile. i knew i would be vilified by the lapd and the media. he said unfortunately he had to go to this. i'm not sure if you saw the press conference, but they believe was unsatisfied with his lot in life. what do you draw from that quote? >> that doesn't sound like the person i knew. what can you say? this kind of activity is completely off and bivar and not something i would expect or imagine would happen from the person i knew. >> did you know his family?
10:59 am
>> i met his mother once. >> say it again. >> i met his mother once, but i department know her. >> no interaction with his family. >> no. it was my understanding that he and his mother and i don't think he had siblings and i don't think his father was in the picture. >> if he is watching this broadcast or listening, what do you say to your friend? >> turn yourself in and get this situation rectified as best as possible. families have been devastated and there is no excuse for this kind of behavior. no good can come out of it. turn yourself in and get it resolved. >> all right. thank you very much, james. he went to school with christopher jordan doerner. we hope he
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